ThangTa Tournament Thang-Ta is an Indian Martial Arts, originated from Manipur a tiny north estern state of India, it is traditional martial art of Manipur, erstwhile it is indigenous manipuri combative art of warfare, defence and security, which was very prominent in the land before the sophisticated armforce and explosive substitution Thang-Ta martial arts is the part of great heroic tradition of Manipur India meant for defend the country and human freedom and healthiness of the people.

Thang-Ta at parental source used to preserved and practised traditionaly by manipuri meitei societies since time immemorial as rich cultural heritage and educational advance in physical welfare and sofeguarding to the individual societies and nation. It is developed from the war environment, become popular item as cultural, rituals entertainment, physical welfare and self defence.

Beside this in referances of ancient manuscripts veda-purana, puya, mythological lores and the belief of meitei societies in respect of origin of Thang-Ta, is concerned to supreme power all mighty God the creator of universe, earth and heaven, according to this, the Thang-Ta first introduced by devine deity 'Pakhangba" (coiled serpent motit) while creation of universe at the task of protection, leveling, testing and stamping of earth, all the movements arised by this event is the Thang-Ta, Accordingly "Pakhangba" self is Thang-Ta. It has reverance of devine power. The origin of Thang-Ta is as old as mythological origin of earth. The Origin of Thang-Ta is full of legend.